Thursday, April 29, 2010

eLoQuence &nd $ubStance -______-

From your personally experience what do you consider Fashion to be? Mainly Eloquence & Substance. The substantials are basic! Other guys just imagine with critique. Our style defines OPTIMISTIC & strong building structure. The picture I'll be painting is delusional; Even on terrible days you'll have to still find your sense of fashion. Stylist aren't needed *Prohibited* as I would say. The mindset of imagination & animation equals a sign of emancipation. Find your inner self when choosing clothing material or sneakers. Don't just be a impersonator of your favorite rapper; discover your own trend. Be your own person & others will follow behind your judgement & style. If you over do your self & style others will mislead you. The fashion world is open to few and mensed by many. STYLE, LIVE-LIFE. Forgive & FORGET- Vincent Blair

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